When Standing on the line means giving up..

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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… I promise to take one step ahead.

When my friends first told me that I should have a go at playing at a high level of UK ice hockey, I didn’t know what to think at first. Maybe they were joking, maybe not, but interestingly that conversation that took place when we watched Jeremy Cornish and Rumun Ndur duke it out at a Basingstoke Bison Elite League match a year a go planted a seed in my mind.

After a lot of thinking and pondering whether to do it, I secretly decided that I would push for it. Go hell for leather and see what happens. Worse comes to the worse, I would’ve at least had a go at it and I wouldn’t have to sit around in my older days thinking ‘What if…’. Since then one of my friends set up a Facebook group to encourage me to do it. I think at its heyday, it had nearly 200 members. Not bad, I’d say.

However, as time has gone by, I’ve become more vocal about my dreams and aspirations and have mentioned to select few and written about it in my old blog (http://amateurhockey.blogspot.com). Given that I’ve been trying to do everything on my own, it was recently suggested that I get an agent.

The trouble is that where I think I have the skills to play and I can certainly pick things up quickly in terms of drills, I’m an unknown player, with a break from top flight hockey. So attracting sponsorship for a minority sport in this country has been tough, in fact, I’m still looking and finding an agent to work with is increasingly difficult because of the above reasons. Agents are reluctant to work with athletes like me because all they see is a player CV and see that I probably wouldn’t be a lucrative player to work with from a business perspective.

One agent told me that I should just give up on my dream, but that wouldn’t be pursuing a dream now would it. What I can say about the road and the experience so far is that it has been educating. I guess I’ve learnt new things while I’ve tried to attract sponsors and so on and probably even learnt new skills as a player and improved my work ethic.

Despite a long road ahead of me and a number of ‘setbacks’ on the way, I’m determined that I will get there. Giving up has never been my style, so I see that these setbacks only make me that much tougher and I definitely think that in the first place, the punk/hardcore DIY mentality is the way forward to get the experience I need.

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