Looking ahead

Posted: April 23, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Whilst I wait with eager anticipation for my knee operation and the appointment next week to find out when things will start progressing and when I’m likely to go under the knife.

However, whilst I wait for the outcome, I’ve already set sights on some goals after the operation. My main goal throughout this process is to get my knee back to function and play at the sharpest edge. Like I said in my post a while ago, I’ve lost three years of effectiveness and playing at the fullest intensity. I’ve accepted the fact that I’ll be out of commission for a while and will not be allowed to work out or train hard, though I’m going to explore the option of doing some upper body work, so I don’t end up losing 3kg of muscle like I did when I had my appendix out.

Undoubtedly I have gained some unwelcome weight due to not being able to do proper cardio work for over 6 months now. Ten minutes at low intensity is not something that will get you any results.

After the operation, I’ve devised an exercise plan that will hopefully see me return to full fitness and be at the best shape I have been in the past three years since the injury first happened.

I’m fully looking forward to it though, and I guess in some weird and twisted way, I’m looking to put myself through hell to get to where I want to be.

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