Here we go!

Posted: May 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, the time is finally here. Tomorrow at 11:30am BST, I will be checking in to Hampshire Clinic to go get my knee sorted out. Hopefully. These past few weeks have been quite arduous with the pain increasing significantly. Though I have been pushing harder recently and realising some of my aspirations.

Over the weekend, I played with the team in our fist summer cup game, and where the game hurt us on the score board it didn’t hurt us as much as my knee did after the game.

Earlier in the week I was fortunate enough to catch some extra ice (details later) and towards the end of that session I could feel my knee get stiffer and stiffer. It also occurred towards the end of the game and was excruciatingly painful to drive home with.

As the operation draws nearer and nearer, I’m anxious about it. Despite having tattoos and liking getting tattoos, I absolutely hate needles or any sharp objects in or near my body. Maybe the world of the internet has been adding to the anxiety as I’ve looked at some videos and animations on how the operation is performed. Luckily they are doing it under general anaesthetic so I should be fine.

Though I think my biggest fear is that they wont find anything wrong and that there’s a condition that cannot be treated. I know it’s getting ahead of myself, but I have to consider and prepare for that option as well.

Never the less, I’ve got a plan together on what I want to do afterwards to get myself back in shape and I shall be working on the rigorously, but I also need a plan in place in case the final diagnosis is that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the knee.

Time will tell, though, and I will be updating the blog and my Facebook and Twitter with images of the operation, and if my technical knowledge is magically increased during the operation, I will also hopefully load images on this here blog.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who has wished me good luck and an early speedy recovery already! Really appreciate the support!

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