Step up, not down

Posted: May 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

It has been a while since the last update here. To be honest there really hasn’t been much to say apart from me staying at home not allowed to do anything and who would want to read that?

My knee operation has been well documented and the only thing I’ll update on is that the knee is feeling fine and I’m undertaking physio therapy sessions at the moment. I should be back on the ice 14th of June, which is good news.

However, I’m offering my view into our two games of the season. I must stress that this is my own view and mine alone. I don’t intend to insult my coach or team mates with this and the piece is intended only as analytical.

Otherwise, what I wanted to write about is the teams’ recent performances. I’ve played one game and was on the bench helping out for the second one. As far as statistics go, well you can get a good idea of the teams’ problems. In two games we have allowed 169 shots on goal, which is unheard of in most leagues. Out of those shots on goal we have allowed 25 goals. That’s a staggering 12.5 goals against per game.

The last game against Gosport Scorpions we were let down by poor rebound control and our defence’s inability to clear lose pucks or being in the way of the goalie to cover lose pucks. We are not strong enough in clearing the puck in the zone and panic with the puck and end up committing moronic and rookie like mistakes. I’m not singling out any single player as hockey is a team sport and we win as a team and fail as a team.

The other area I see letting us down is our lack of coordinated effort. In both games we rely on individual efforts and have not been able to move forwards as a unified offensive unit. In tight games such as the Gosport game the team should’ve done some line changes for the third period to ensure that we had a good enough chance to pull back required goals, but that is a coaching decision and I respect the decisions made during the game.

The biggest area where we have to improve though is in passion. I’ve had this problem with the team for a long time (and I hate to use the word problem, but it is a problem) is that we do not have passion for the game. Or if we do it is not visible. I don’t know why, but for most games I feel like the team is best described as a limp dick not wiling to perform. There has to be a catalyst in the team to bring out the bit of rage and passion needed to win hockey games. There is no desperation in the game and often we seem too relaxed. In the last game we were out hustled, out hit and obviously outshot by the earlier stat.

The problem is not only in games, it is also evident in training. I don’t know what it would take for everyone to train hard, and I’m not saying that people don’t, but it just seems like there’s too much coasting around and generally just being lacklustre.

As a final point: Following my knee operation I’ve had messages and team mates telling me that they need me to return and that they need me on the ice. Where it is nice to be wanted and have that kind of respect from team mates, hockey is after all a team sport and should not rely on a single individual. Whenever there is an injury, be it to a top player or a fringe player, guys have to fill in and step up.

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