Blessing in disguise

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Injury can be a blessing in disguise. At least that’s what I have found out whilst recovering from the knee operation. I have found that where the injured reserve is a very lonely place to be in, it is also a good way to reflect and spot things that you normally wouldn’t if you were on the ice.

As I’ve been watching my team mates train and play, I’ve spotted some of their traits and what they do before they wind up for a shot or how they behave on a 1 on 0 or 2 on 1. You know, just little things.

Another great aspect I have found from the operation is my work ethic. I’ve always considered myself a hard working player on and off the ice, but my physio therapist has also complemented this and my attitude in making sure that I’m 100% before returning.

In the past I probably would’ve jumped on the ice two weeks after the operation after the risk of bleeding into the joint would’ve subsided, but now I’ve taken the time to get everything ready and kept working on the upper body as to not lose too much strength.

The other aspect that I have on my side is that the rehabilitation process is a challenge and I enjoy challenges. I’m not talking about a physical but also a mental challenge as many times (or atleast what my physio has told me) is that patients don’t want to put the work in, but I feel that the more I do and follow their guidance the better I am able to perform once I eventually do get back.

One of my friends at the gym also said that I now have a steady goal to work toward, which has in a way re-invigorated me. In the past I worked out to get ready for the season and try outs and I did it with diligence and through the pain I was feeling at the time, but now I’ve got a clear goal to work toward not only in-terms of recovery, but in realising my dream and that has re-invigorated me.

The biggest thing that has changed though is that I’m going to the gym, physio or the rink with a smile on my face. As there is no pain what so ever in the leg at the moment, I’m able to smile.

I can’t wait to get back out on the ice and test the leg/knee out and see if it works as well as it feels.

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