Posted: June 7, 2010 in hockey, ice hockey, Sports, Uncategorized

Holiday, that glorious time of the year when you do nothing at all.

Holiday, that cursed time of the year when you do nothing but stuff your face. Depending on what way you look at it, holiday is always a great time to recharge and re-focus even if you do over indulge on beverages and food. Thanks mom for being such an amazing cook and making me 3kg fatter in a week.

Well joking aside. I’ve just got back from Finland and a week long holiday in my native country. In what I first thought would be a stressful week ,turned out to be great. I met my two cousins who I’ve hardly seen since they were born. I can’t but wonder where the kids get their energy from and at the same time I feel for my uncle as he has to keep up with the two pocket rockets. The kids were great though. Aside from having time off and seeing the family again, I actually had a chance to relax. The last three years have been somewhat tumultuous and hectic. The first year, my cousin got married and we were sorting out stuff for our wedding, the year after that I got married and last year it was my grand dad’s 80th which meant that we trekked back and forth.

Though we went over for my nan’s 80th it turned out to be a good family affair and overall a pleasant trip. I managed to squeeze in some much needed R&R as well as some much needed work outs. I’m happy to say that the knee felt 100% fine through the work out and I’m giddy with excitement to get back on the ice tomorrow.

I’ve been surprised with myself in that I have shown patience in getting ready and not rushed things. Maybe its a sign that for once it pays off to listen to advice or that I’m finally growing up. Now that’s a scary thought.

Though I’ve been off the ice now for 5 weeks, I’m feeling really content and am actually looking forward to it. Undoubtedly the first session will be something that I can only describe as getting used to things again, but from there I need to be able to play my own game and at a higher level. I think the holiday really helped me to re-focus my energies and explore what type of a hockey player I want to be.

The rest of the season will be test whether the style that I would like to play will materialise or whether I’m still too out of shape to utilise that plan. Time will tell, but I am looking forward to abusing the news sticks that I got. Should be fun.

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