So long… and thank you for the shoes

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

So it has finally come to an end. My last  Summer Cup (for now) and my last season with the Cougars (for now) has wrapped up. The season ended in a mixture of emotions and the one was disappointment. Not because of the team’s performance, as I believe that the team over performed and exceeded my expectations, but because of what was supposed to be our last game was cancelled. I had hoped to go out after giving my all once more for the team I have represented for five years and help the team celebrate a winning finish to the season. To have the game cancelled was a disappointment on so many levels.

So how do I think I fared? Well given that I missed half the season to knee surgery, and managed to score more points than I did last season I think I did all right. As for the team, I had expected that it would be one filled with frustration and to be honest at times it was, it was a far more enjoyable season than the one before. The team gelled together rather well, though a bit late and a few games that we should’ve won, we didn’t, which explains why we aren’t in the play offs.

Now what? I will be starting training with the Pitbulls in a few weeks time in what I expect to be a gruelling month of getting into shape and learning a new playing system and learning to play with new team mates. Till then I will be skating with the Cougars so hopefully I will have the advantage that I have skated through the summer. I’m not a 100% happy with my physical condition at the moment, but that is something that can and will be worked on. I’m still in better shape than I was this time last year.

All in all I leave the Cougars with fond memories and a good skill set. However, most importantly I will leave the team with something more precious than memories. Friendships. I have met truly great people during my time at the team and I have nothing but respect for my team mates, both past and present. I won’t be doing a list of names here as this is not a Hollywood thank you list. The people that have influenced me and I have played with know who they are.

Why the brackets at the top saying for now then? Well I’m a never say never type of person and who knows what will happen. I’m sure that I will be training with the Cougars and the guys through the summer months once more.

I will be updating the blog again once I start training with the Pitbulls to keep everyone up-to-date with the transition.

For now, I thank you

Virtanen #81

  1. #91 says:

    You are a class act Janne. Look forward to catching some Pitbull Games

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