Sore loser…

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’m a sore loser. Ask anyone. I’ve not played Monopoly since I last won in it. Quit while you’re ahead and junk.

With hockey, it’s similar, except I haven’t quit after a recent win or anything like that, but after a loss, I’m still the same. Still grumpy and throw my toys out the pram. Sure I don’t act like that infront of the team mates or anything. However, given I’ve got a longish drive home I usually try to calm down by swearing at the other drivers, or conversely try to run them off the road if I’m in a really, really foul mood. OK the latter is a joke. A bad one. I’m not a comedian.

However, when I get home, I act like any typical Finnish male would do when they are angry. I sit on the couch, not talking, but answering and requesting everything with grunts and letting out protests that smell bad. Or then I go off on one at something insignificant like an advert or a comment someone makes. Usually the poor person at the end of this and who has to put up with me after a loss is my wife. People always say that hockey players’ wives have to be thick skinned and I only thought that it would apply to NHL pros but I suppose when living with a grumpy git like me, the same rule applies.

So what got me in this state then? Well it’s rather obvious that we lost a game. I’ve already put in an order for new garden gnomes to kick , but in the meanwhile, I’ll resort to moaning on the Internet, because it’s easy (and I don’t want to talk to a real person at the moment, unless they understand angry grunts and farts). Sure I finally seemed to score after moaning that I haven’t scored in a long while, but when the other team puts 14 past your team, two goals doesn’t really feel like a thing worth celebrating.

I don’t know what is worse in losing. Whether it is that you’ve let yourself down, your coach, the fans the person running the team or what. I guess it’s a combination of all of the above. Hockey is a team sport so I guess the biggest part for me is that I have left my teammates down, specially the goalie. I had a couple of BIG defenssive mistakes which cost us.

However, give this a couple of days and I’ll feel better about it. The team has come in leaps and bounds and we’ve won a few big games now so I guess the recent loss isn’t that bad. One thing is for sure though, you can’t win a 60 minute hockey game if you play 30 minutes of hockey and then just sit back and watch.


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