A quick update

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I realised that I haven’t really been updating the blog and I got a few comments about the lack of updates from old Cougars team mates.

So here goes. The journey so far has been educational. I have learnt so much since the season started and yes I’ll admit that it has been more of a roller coaster than I anticipated. There have been some really really bad lows and some incredible highs during the past few months, but I’ll do a propper ‘end of season’ post at the end of the season.

Personally I’ve probably struggled to meet some goals that I had for myself. I was expecting to carry on near point per game scoring pace as I had done, not realising that the level is a bit higher than in the past. But I have to learn from it and keep pushing forward. As long as I do what the coach demands of us, then I can’t be dissapointed.

However, there’s one issue that keeps nagging at me and it’s my hip. I won’t divulge too much info for the opponents. Let’s just say that it’s my hip and its sore, read into that what you want. At least I’m getting it seen to sooner than my knee.

To round off the update, I’d like to wish Peter Forsberg a happy retirement (in case this is indeed his last one). Forsberg, despite being Swedish and a thorn on the Finns’ side on the international stage, was a class player. His comeback effort showed that he has real grit and I think it was important for him to do it. At least now he won’t have the nagging feeling in his head going ‘what if?’. Thanks for the memories Foppa.

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