It is now 23:00 GMT as i started to write this.

Saturday: Second period, we’re on a PP. I’m in the corner. Out of nowhere, I get hit. Was the hit clean or not, I don’t know. All I know is that something hit me in the head and as a result my head hit the plexi.


That was Saturday and probably my last lucid memory of the weekend.  Sunday I can’t remember anything specific. I know I was at a christening. If you ask me who was there, what they were wearing , I couldn’t even tell you what the baby was called.

It’s now 23:18 GMT. 110 words in 18 minutes. I write solid and good quality press releases in less than 18 minutes.


I had 6 naps on Sunday. I experienced some intense short term memory loss and I kept getting people’s names wrong. I knew faces, but I couldn’t put names to them.

It is difficult to convey the inner feelings exactly, but I go from feeling energetic and happy to utterly run down and depressed.

23:31GMT 184 words. Fuck this is difficult.

I guess the over-riding feeling i’ve got at the moment is frustration at the fact that I can’t do things that come naturally. I’m frustrated at the fact that a season that has been a shambles with injuries hangs in the balance because of a minor blow. I’m angry at myself because I’m doubting myself and my commitment to things I love. I thought I was mentally stronger than that.

23:46 GMT. 268 Words…. my head hurts. I can’t write anymore.

This is just a glimpse into my mind after concussion number 5.

  1. Have to admit that I don’t remember anything particularly nasty. But, then again, the IIHF claim that there is no such thing as a clean hit to the head.

    I hope for your sake that you get over this and back to normal. I’ve only every once had a really serious concussion. It was my own fault, it was a really warm day so I decided that I wouldn’t wear my helmet on the mountain bike. 25 mph face plant over the handlebars. My only saving grace is that I hit my chin first and then bounced onto my forehead. Had my forehead taken that first blow instead, I’m not sure what state I’d be in now, 15 years or so later. As it is, my short-term memory has been shot ever since and an already poor ability to concentrate on tasks at hand disappeared out of the window.

    Fortunately, it happened as I was finishing my degree, otherwise I’m not sure I would have completed it. But, I now walk out of meetings and find it almost impossible to summarise what has just been said. I’ve had to become a compulsive note taker which would be a lot easier if I could read my own writing…


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