Head like a hole

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

I got the idea for writing a daily update about recovering from concussion from Monica McAlister on twitter. If you’re into twitter, you should definitely follow her (@MonicaMcAlister).

So today is day 3 since the concussion. If you read yesterday’s post, you might have gathered that I was having trouble writing. I still do to be honest. I’m worried about it as my profession relies solely on writing.

Another friend on twitter recommended a scrabble to help me get back to it. It’s frustrating to see that I’m only able to string together three letter words and struggle to see words or potential for words.

Overall my mood is ever-changing. I go from feeling normal, which prompts me to move around, only to get worse. I’m so used to leading an active life that this laying about stuff is doing my head in. Probably makes it worse me fretting bout it.

Funny fact from the doctors this morning. My blood pressure is exactly the same as two years ago. I’ve been signed off from work for the entire week, which sucks as this is our busiest time of year and were already short. Hate to let the side down.

I’d like to thank everyone for their messages of encouragement. It’s much appreciated!

This took me an hour and a half to write. Frustration mounts.

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