Getting there

Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Things seem to be going well finally. Off ice strength training has been going really well and I’m pleased with it’s progress, but the thing that I’m most excited about though is that I’m finally able to skate and participate in light contact training. The concussion symptoms are finally subsiding and where I still have to have a scan of my brain to rule out any major trauma, I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.

Perhaps one of the weirdest sensations and steps towards the better was that I had my haircut for the first time since the injury. During the worst stages of the recovery and when my headaches were the most intense, I couldn’t even touch my head, let alone bear the thought of someone cutting it or taking clippers to it. So I finally got rid of the ball of fuzz that often drew comments from my teammates and to my likeness to Justin Bieber.

On the ice it’s been an interesting experience to say the least. It’s been such a long time since I’ve skated or played that all my reactions and everything are a bit rusty. Also as a result, I still need more courage to go into corners, but it will all come once I’m allowed to train properly on the ice so I’m fairly certain that I will be ready when the puck drops for the first time.

I’ve been taking baby steps for so long, so the return to the ice has been most welcome. I’m still nervous about the scan, but according to doctors they don’t expect to find anything (cue bad ‘lack of brain’ jokes here) and it’s more of a precautionary measure, which I’m happy that they are taking.

On the other injury front everything has moved along. The ankle is healing well ahead of time and my physio and doctor have no qualms with me skating on it so early on. They advise that endurance type exercises, like running etc, I wait for another week, which to be fair should suit me down to the ground. The doctors have been really pleased with the progress and said that patients normally achieve this level after 6 weeks from the injury and I’m at 4 weeks. Makes me feel all gushy and special :p

The hip/groin problem is barely noticeable. I only tend to feel tingling when I’ve been slouching for a long time. I can’t praise Matt Radcliffe enough for all the work he has put in. I think collectively, the physio treatments that I’m undergoing has made me best friends with the blue elastic band. Through the years, I don’t think I’ve had to rehab as many injuries in the off season as I did now, but to balance that all out, the strength and conditioning side has been successful as well, so I’m confident that I’ll be able to make a bigger impact than I did last season.

If nothing else, at least I’ll be able to start the season healthy and in somewhat better shape than last one where I had just come off knee surgery and took forever to find my stride. The one thing that I have noticed on the ice is that I need to start working on agility and plyometrics.

Where my strength training has gone well, due to the ankle injury I have had to cut back on all forms of high impact training like running, jumps and the like. I discovered that I have re-gained and hopefully gained some additional strength in my legs, my legs feel incredibly heavy and feels like the muscles aren’t working fast enough and feel sluggish. However, it’s a relatively easy fix.


All in all, summer has gone well and it’s been good to recharge the batteries and I’m happy to say that I’m hungry to play again and more importantly, I’m hungry to win again.

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