Like a kid at Christmas

Posted: September 6, 2011 in hockey, ice hockey, Sports

So here we are again. Almost at the eve of a new season for us. A few teams have started their games already, but for us the wait continues for a short while. I’ve often referred to the hockey season as it being a roller coaster ride, full of highs and lows so I guess this is comparable to the nervous anticipation of the ride to begin.


The league has officially started as few of the teams have already played their first games. Some have been lucky to have played two games. Our first game is on Sunday so we’ve got one more training session to make sure we are ready for it.  Many of the guys are really looking forward to the game and I’m anxious to see what we are capable of.  Either or, it is going to be fun. I’ve said here and on my Pucks Across The Pond blog, that I’m enjoying hockey more than I have done for a couple of years.


It’s been great to play in a familiar environment again and it was like going home when I got to the first training session after the summer. A good core of last years team is complimented by youngsters and a couple of veterans.


As I’ve also mentioned, I’ve got my pre-activation routine which I have been carrying out almost religiously before getting on the ice and like suspected it’s gotten a few laughs out of the guys. But still, if it helps me play pain free in my hip, let them laugh, I can take it… and then cry on the way home. I’m only kidding. I still owe Matt Radcliffe a debt of gratitude for sorting my hip out.


The anticipation is definitely on. Sort of feels like being a kid again on Christmas eve waiting for Santa to come around. I’m also looking to provide some sort of video content for the blog throughout the season to give people who read this a visual insight into the season. A picture tells a thousand words, so I wonder how many words a short video will tell? Will it answer questions or just raise more?


I was also hoping to do more reviews on the blog about hockey gear, but I’m having difficulty getting a hold of any of the manufacturers. The only one who gets a tip of the hat, or helmet rather, is Easton who got in touch with me regarding the query.

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