We can rebuild him, just don’t spend too much money

Posted: October 19, 2011 in hockey, ice hockey, Sports
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Bit of a different post today. I’m writing this sat in my room at the BMI Hampshire clinic. I’m here for an ankle arthroscopy to fix my atfl.

You might remember my post from the summer titled ‘If I didn’t have bad luck, I’d have no luck at all’, well that twisted ankle has gotten progressively worse since the season started.

The ankle felt fine during the pre season but it has been bugging me since we started games. I’ve pretty much had to strap ice bags on the ankle after every time I did any form of activity.

Where it is a bummer to have the procedure, I would rather have it now than tough it out to the end of the season. I look at this as an opportunity to return to action stronger and more motivated than I already was. I will miss a couple of games and miss being with the guys, but I would rather play to my full ability/potential than play scared that my ankle will buckle due to the tear.

The next few posts here will probably be about images of the ankle, post procedure. Ironically it is my right ankle and just over a year ago I had my right knee done, so the right leg will have cost £10k plus. And they say exercise is good for you.

There has been a number of other exciting things happening as well, which I’ll tell you about in the comic days. I will try and keep the whinging to a minimum.

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