TV deal for Finland and Sweden

Posted: October 20, 2011 in hockey, ice hockey, Sports
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As posted previously on this blog, Finland and Sweden have an NHL deal in place carrying through till 2015-2016. In Sweden the games will be shown by Viasat and in Finland by Nelonen Pro.

In Finland, Nelonen Pro will air 150 games per season and will show the play offs and the Stanley cup finals. Viasat in turn is looking to air 15games per week.

Additionally Viasat will be airing all 1,300 regular season games live or ‘as-live’ through it’s extra channels and satellite broadcasts.

Both channels will offer North American tv broadcasts but will provide localised commentary and local insights to the games.

“This is a significant deal and will allow us to bring all the NHL games to the Nordic countries for the first time ever,” said NHL director John Collins. “This broadcast agreement ensures that NHL fans in the Nordic countries an entirely new way to approach the games and the players. This agreement is a win for both NHL hockey and our fans.”

Included in the deal is an online broadcast service of games, Viaplay, which will allow fans to stream live games through the service.

Again there is no news about the continued availability of Gamecenter live.

This deal would mean that the NHL is available on TV in nordics, uk and the Czech republic. I will report any new tv deals for other regions.

Personally I have to say that this deal is really impressive and I hope it pleases the fans in the Nordics.

  1. Donald King says:

    I still feel that British viewers (and Virgin viewers in particular) have been short-changed. Even if you have Sky you need to subscribe to Premier Sports. If you have Virgin you can buy the Sky Sports channels – but these do not include Premier. I’m not going to transfer to Sky (I’m not allowed to put up a satellite dish anyway), nor am I going to watch NHL games on a computer. So no NHL for me this year. The NHL and ESPN have both made mistakes – the NHL for selling their European rights separately, and ESPN for not buying at least some of the rights back (the European ones) when they had the opportunity.

    • fyz1kz says:

      Yep we in UK totally have been Swept under the carpet. Me too guess i wont be seeing any nhl this year either, you think they want us to fly over to US or CA to give them money?

      RRRRR im gonna get a 5min major for fighting with nhl and those 2 marketing groups that the EU rights were sold to DAMMIT. 😦

  2. […] Norway can now watch NHL games on TV. Captain of the Bristol Pitbulls (ENL2) Janne Virtanen has a few thoughts on the new deal for his native Finland and other Nordic countries.Last night Philadelphia Flyers Kimmo Timonen […]

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