Would Selanne accept a trade for a shot at the cup?

Posted: November 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Teemu Selanne seems to have found the true meaning of forever young. At 41 years old, Teemu is still one of the best players in the NHL and when looking at him play, he still plays the game with the same finesse as in his rookie year.


A career that has seen Selanne achieve many personal accolades, he has truly been an icon for both the NHL and for Finnish hockey. After his Winnipeg career came to an end in a trade that sent him to the Anaheim Ducks, Selanne has called Anaheim his ‘happy place’. After all, he won a cup with the Ducks in 07, which stands as the absolute pinnacle of his career.


Despite Selanne taking seemingly longer and longer to decide whether to carry on with his career after each year, he has always come back for another shot at the cup. But with Anaheim playing the way they are, is it completely out of question that Selanne would be traded to another team at the deadline for a shot at the cup?


Obviously there are many contributing factors to whether we’ll see Selanne traded, but hypothetically if Anaheim are out of play-off contention by the trade deadline, I do think that Selanne could be traded. He has always said after a confirming “one more year” that he wants to play on a winning team and at the moment Anaheim are anything but.


Following the 7th straight defeat to Tornto Maple Leafs, Selanne was visibly frustrated and emotional in the post game interview and was not far from tears. What’s more Selanne at 41, is Ducks’ leading scorer in points. One thing is for sure, Ducks need a wake up call of some sort. Their star studded first line is nowhere to be seen and stars like Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan have underperformed dramatically.


Dealing one of the big stars might also provide Anaheim with the desired wake-up call, or shake up of the coaching staff, though it is unlikely as Randy Carlyle has recently inked a 3 year contract with Anaheim. To be honest though, it would be high time for a new bench boss for Anaheim, since winning the cup Anaheim have started off slow and have not been able to succeed with Carlyle’s style of play.


For the past two years the word from Anaheim’s training camp has been that they have been too intense and that players are already gassed for the first puck drop. Firing Carlyle would definitely serve as a wake up to the struggling Ducks squad, but who would take the reigns from him? Would the Ducks promote an AHL head coach to take the NHL job, a move which has worked well for the Penguins with Bylsma or OK for the Capitals.


However, with Selanne, I can see three scenarios for him:

1)      He will be traded at the deadline if not before to a team with a shot for the cup/ playoff berth. I doubt that he would move to an eastern conference team so a team like San Jose or LA Kings might be a favourable destination for Selanne.

2)      Selanne will play the season with the Ducks and play for Finland in the World Championships this spring. Finland is hosting the World Championships this year and despite announcing that his international career finished in Vancouver Olympics, I could envision Selanne going back on that decision for a shot at the World Championship.

3)      Selanne will get so fed up with the way the Ducks are playing that he will announce his retirement before the season is done. He has always said that he will play as long as it is fun, and I can’t imagine that he is having that much fun at the moment with the team playing like they are. Though I think this scenario is unlikely as Selanne is a true professional and would not leave a sinking ship until he has done everything in his power to save it.

The next couple of months will show the direction Anaheim is headed, but with the rest of the pack getting further and further each game, Anaheim is in a desperate need of a shake up if they are to have any shot at the post season.

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