Here we go again

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

(oops) I did it again, or however the Britney Spears song goes. In case you didnt see my tweets from yesterday, i am sidelined with a concussion. Again.

I wish I could say that I got the concussion scoring a goal and getting hit to the head, but sadly that’s not the case. My latest concussion came as far away from the rink as possible. As I was driving to work, someone pulled out in frog of me as I had right of way.

So I collided with their car and then skidded across the road and crashed into a bus stop. In the midst of all this, I banged my head on the drivers window and jolted my head/neck due to the impact.

I’m again in a dark room and find it all too familiar; my phone screen being the only light I can just about cope with but otherwise I’ve had a massive headache since the accident and all the usual pleasantries of a concussion. At least this time I am not forgetting what I did five minutes ago and I haven’t done anything dumb, like looked for skittles in a hot cup of coffee.

I’ll keep you posted, yet again about the progress and what the doctors say.


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