IIHF world championships: Finland unlikely to reduce ticket prices

Posted: May 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

The organising committee of the Helsinki leg of the world championships has just issued an announcement, which suggests that the ticket prices will not be lowered at the Finland group of the games.

According to the statement, the sale of tickets has been better in Finland than in Sweden, which according to the statement is the reason for the Swedes to reduce their ticket prices.

Rather ironically the statement mentions that the games have sold well and that the empty stands we’ve seen actually exist. The press release points out that the game between Finland and Belarus was sold out. We must’ve been watching a different game then as there were heaps of empty seats in the arena.

According to the press release, Hartwall arena welcomed 27,000 fans across four games on the opening day.

Shame really as it probably would be cheaper for families to book a cruise to Stockholm and get some tickets to go watch the world championships there rather than in Helsinki. As the ticket prices remain sky high, I’d be interested to know what the NHL players think of the Finnish hockey fans.

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