Review: SISU Mouth Guard 2.4

Posted: September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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A few years back I reviewed Protech Dent’s mouth guard (read the review here: As you can gather I really liked the mouth guard and have been using the Protech Dent products ever since. However, the company has rebranded itself to SISU Mouth guards and have come out with a new product as well. As a side note, I love the new name of the company. For obvious reasons.


ImageThe new mouth named 2.4 (the one reviewed before is now called 1.6) uses the same technology as the 1.6, which made SISU Mouth Guard so popular in that it allows you to talk, breathe and drink without having to take the mouth guard out of your mouth. The same is still true of the 2.4 model mouth guard.


But what makes it different from the 1.6 then? Well, the 2.4 is slightly thicker than the 1.6 model. The total thickness of the mouth guard is at 2.4mm, hence the name 2.4. By making the mouth guard slightly thicker, it gives you an additional sense of security as it feels that you are actually wearing a mouth guard, but at the same time it retains the lightness and sturdiness of the 1.6 model. The reason why I say that it feels like you are actually wearing a mouth guard is because a few times between periods I’ve forgotten to put the mouth guard back into my mouth as it is so non invasive.


The SISU Mouth Guard 2.4 uses the same crumple zone technology as the 1.6 model . There are small holes dotted around the mouth guard, which have been designed to spread the force of the impact to a larger area, thus protecting the teeth better. Due to the crumple zone technology, the forces of impacts have been designed to be absorbed entirely by the mouth guard and to minimise the risk of tooth loss, or fracturing the jaw.


ImageWith the 2.4, even if it is a bit bigger and slightly more noticeable in the mouth, I found that I was still able to breathe and talk the same way as I have done with the 1.6. The fact is that the SISU Mouth Guard is miles ahead of any mouth guard that I have worn over my playing days.


Because the mouth guard comes in as a flat disc shape pre-moulding, it ensures that you are able to get a truly customised, professional grade mouth guard out of the box. The fitting instructions are easy to follow and the fitting procedure is relatively easy. The beauty of the SISU mouth guard is that it can be moulded time and time again until proper fit has been found. For a player like me, whose teeth aren’t exactly in a straight line finding mouth guards that would mould and fit properly was nigh impossible until the SISU Guard.


I did notice that the 2.4 offers the same snug fit as the 1.6 did and if you remember from the 1.6 review, I had slight concerns over the over tight fit of the mouth guard. However, I noticed that with the 2.4 there were no issues like that what so ever. The mouth guard sits well around the teeth and doesn’t fall out of place. However, for the players among us that have a habit of chewing their mouth guards on the bench, the SISU guard is not as easy to pop out as traditional guards, but then Imageagain, it’s not like mouth guards are chew toys.

The SISU guard stays in place after being hit and doesn’t fall out whilst calling for a pass or shot, something that I have experienced with other mouth guards.


Compared to traditional mouth guards on the 2.4 mouth guards provide 50% more protection than the off the shelf plastic ones. Additionally the developers of the SISU mouth guard have done extensive study into germs that live within mouth guards. When maintained appropriately, the SISU Guard collects significantly fewer germs than the standard mouth guard.


In conclusion, I can find very little to criticise the SISU Guard mouth guards on and it could be that it is the best piece of dental protection in the market at the moment. Should we be testing other mouth guards, the SISU guard will be used as a benchmark for them. Having re-branded from Protech Dent to SISU Guard, the company looks to have the strongest offering in the mouth guard market, that doesn’t mean a trip to the dentists’ office to get a completely custom one built for you.



The price for a SISU Guard 2.4 mouth guard is $34.99 direct from the manufacturer. For more information about the SISU mouth guards please visit




  • Completely custom fit
  • Lightweight
  • un-intrusive
  • Allows to breathe and talk normally whilst wearing it
  • Thicker than the previous one
  • 50% stronger than regular mouth guards



  • Can feel too tight at times
  1. Cameron says:

    I bought this mouthfuard (sisu 1.6) and have not been able to get it too fit right it is loose enough to pull out with my tongue every time I form it.

    • pushforpros says:

      Thanks for the comment. We’ve found that with every mouth guard they always fit tight, (we usually mould 3-4 for the test) and as we said, they sometimes feel a bit too tight for our liking. It’s useful feedback though.

      • Joost says:

        Thank you for your reviews. I have trouble with wearing a mouth guard for fieldhockey (gag reflex). This might provide a good alternative for me.

        Do you have any experience with impact to the (1.6) mouth guard? I am a bit concerned that the stiff material will transfer much of the impact of a stick or ball, with damage to the teeth as a result.

        The mouth guards I am familiar with are much softer.

  2. We recommend using a little more suction when you are fitting your guard. Please watch this video:

  3. Michael says:

    I just bought mine and tried molding it. It doesn’t fit right. My molars don’t quite line up with the designated area and both my teeth and mout are too big to be fully covered from the k-9s to the back.

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