Into the Off Season Training I Go

Posted: April 28, 2013 in Uncategorized

So tomorrow it begins. The off season, gruelling slog of work that will no doubt include more than a few sweaty T-shirts and many a power word exclaimed at the gym whilst trying for a new PB. For some reason, I really enjoy off-season training. It’s a chance to push yourself and find new limits and boundaries within yourself. It’s also about improving yourself, not in terms of physique, but to really work on the areas that I felt that needed work.


This season, as I mentioned, I will be working with Brandan Schieppati from Rise Above Fitness on the conditioning side. Brandan has worked out a routine for me that suits my requirements and goals for next season. Despite being based on the West Coast in the US, the Internet has made the world a smaller place and I am actually quite excited about this ‘new wave’ of training. I’m the type of guy who can train on his own and doesn’t slack off at the gym.


There are a bunch of new moves that I have to learn and a bunch of golden oldies. The routine is completely different to what I have done before and involves more dynamic exercises, and training methods that I feel will improve areas that were lacking last season.


I will also be working on some skills things that I think frustrated me during the season and hopefully those will translate well for the ice.



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Here goes! I’ll keep you posted on the progress. 

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