Off season update 2

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Uncategorized

The off season update is a bit delayed, and for that I must apologise. I used to post quite regularly, but lately it seems like there is more and more time between posts. Now that’s partly because I’m busy with work and working out whilst getting ready for next season, but also I keep procrastinating about the direction I want to take this blog and what I want to focus it on. The latest thinking is that I will attempt to take it back to its roots a little bit by writing about the season and maybe integrate some video material to it, whilst still carry on reviewing kit and perhaps a couple of commentary pieces on topical hockey related issues.

So how has the off ice training been going? In a word: GREAT! I’ve been able to stick to the strict routine and it has become second nature to me now, to the point that if I miss a session for one reason or another I get really antsy. However, I did have a quick break from it all when my son was born earlier in July, but I guess any person would have done that. It was rather funny, my wife started having contractions in the morning and I went for my morning run thinking that it will take forever as it is our first baby, but after I got home, she was on the phone to the hospital and from there it was all systems go.

In terms of numbers; well at the end of the season I was a portly 90kg. I wouldn’t have minded if that 90kg was mainly muscle but as it was fat, something had to be done. I felt cumbersome and out of shape. Now at my last weigh in, I weighed 76.5kg and I had an almost 10% drop in body fat. I have gone slightly different direction of trying to get more lean but maintain and build my strength. I feel it’s worked in the legs in particular and I don’t feel heavy as I did in the past.

The birth of my son has been a great experience to me, even if it has meant that I have had to juggle things around a little bit to make sure that I’m at home to support my wife and the baby when needs be. Luckily my gym is two minutes away from the house so it doesn’t take me long to get back if needs be. I have to admit that my wife has been great with the baby and has made it possible for me to carry on with training and we have already discussed my future in the game and I’m lucky I’ve got the greenlight to carry on playing. Hopefully our son will get the hockey bug by hanging out at rinks from an early age and I can only hope that he’ll be better at it than his old man.

On the hockey front, I have extended my contract with the Pitbulls. Last season was quite tricky as we didn’t have a real ‘home’ to train out of but this season that should be better. I know it may sound really corny, but the Pitbulls have become like a second family to me and my wife has made some great friends with the supporters and everything so I felt that not only from a hockey perspective, but the family perspective the Pitbulls would be an ideal choice for me. I’ve said it loads of times, I think I’ve still got a lot to give to this game and I still feel like I’ve got a lot to offer the team.

The next stage of the training is to do a months intense fitness preparation and come up with a good in-season programme and diet. This summer I’ve learned to eat clean so I definitely want to keep that going, in stead of eat disappointment burgers from McDonald’s.

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