The First

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

I said a while a go that we all remember them. Our first goals. I still vividly remember my first goal in the Netherlands.

I played for Utrecht junior team during my first year in Holland. The adjustment to new life abroad was difficult so hockey was a good outlet. I went pretty much the whole season without scoring until in one of the last games of the season, it finally happened.

I had chances in games before this bit for some reason when push came to shove I choked at the critical moment, which lead to a lot of frustration.

My first goal came in the second period of a game against Assen. The game was tied 0-0 and me and a team mate, Steven van Dortmund got on a 2-on-1. I remember thinking to myself to ‘keep my stick on the ice’ and I received a nice saucer pass and it was an easy job to put the puck in the net from there.

I tell ya, I screamed like a girl after I scored that goal. It was the culmination of so much anxiety and stress pouring out at that moment. I didn’t know how to celebrate I just skates pumping the air, almost crying. Then when my teammates reached me I fell down (which is a bit embarrassing) but none the less.

My first senior goal came early in the season in my first year with the senior team for Utrecht. We were playing against Den Haag or The Hague. I remember that we were all over them in the game. My goal was again in the 2nd period and I was playing a shift with the Utrecht legend, Steffan Collard. Stef had the puck behind The Hague net and managed to draw their centre and d-man behind the net. I had managed to move to the high slot, and got a pass from Stef and that was that. I one timed it five-hole.

In the UK, when I went to play league, my first goal was supposed to have been in our first game against Lee Valley. I knocked a loose puck from the goalies pads into the net ( the puck was still in play), but the goal was credited to another player and wasn’t changed. The first goal I scored was on the Isle of Wight goalie Dan Weller-Evans. I can’t remember who got the assist on the goal as the goal was scored off a rebound. I had the puck fall into my blade and I took a shot. Thing is I didn’t know it had gone in, bit instinctively i raised my hands to celebrate and took a nervous look at the ref, who was signing that the puck had gone in. I made a little jump and then.. I can’t remember. But I remember how the goal came about.

It’s funny how little things like your first goals are branded into your memory. They give you belief and a good feeling of wanting more as you want to experience the feeling again and again. Kinda like another form of scoring…

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