Christmas gift ideas for hockey players

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Christmas is drawing ever so close and if you have not yet done your shopping the panic is starting to set in. For hockey players its always tricky to buy anything or find present ideas, so we have listed some ideas below to get you going .



There’s always need for twigs for hockey players. The market has some great offerings and the most interesting of which for many players at the moment is the Sher-Wood Rekker EK 15. The stick is the lightest in the market and uses a production method that takes twice as long than standard top end sticks. However, what makes the Rekker EK15 an interesting proposition is that it still retails at a cheaper price point than some of the other top of the range sticks.

If you are looking for a great alternative one-piece stick, you should also take a look at the Winnwell AMP 700. We tested this stick recently and were suitably impressed by its features and the balance of the overall package. It looks flashy and will certainly appeal to the younger players. At sub £100, it is a real steal.

Other sticks that look like a promising package include the CCM RBZ Stage 2, Bauer APX2,  Easton V9 and there’s been a lot of buzz about the Warrior DT1 LT.


Shower gels

Whilst it may not seem like a big gift, shower gels and shampoos will be greatly appreciated and will be gifts that will be used. As players we go through a lot of shampoo and shower gel throughout the season so there’s always demand for it. If you want to treat the player in your life, we would recommend the products from ManCave. The shower gel in particular has a nice scent to it and lathers up well. That and having used the products for a good year and a half now, the tube of shower gel has not burst open in our kit bag, despite gear being thrown recklessly on top of it. Additionally, the ManCave face wash and moisturiser are good additional presents to include in the stocking.

Gadgets and gizmos:

For those long roadies, it’s good to have some entertainment. Things like iPods, or other music players will be popular. Additionally tablets will be more and more common on the bus, though players should be wary not to spend too much time with their tech so it doesn’t interfere with the mental preparation for games.

In terms of tablets, we’d recommend something small-ish so that it is easy to carry, so the new iPad mini or Samsung  Galaxy Tab 3would be good presents. However, in the age of social media (and parents are going to faint) we would recommend getting the 3G/LTE versions as much of the time is spent on a coach where Wi-Fi may not always be readily available.

Headphones: We are big fans of in-ear head phones, mainly because we find the over-ear head phones too intrusive. They may be OK on the coach, but when it comes to working out or warming up, the in-ear headphones tend to be more suitable. Our current favourites are the Motorhead Phones, though we would also recommend Skull Kandy.



For hockey folks the obvious choice is Gongshow, which stocks both casual gear as clothing appropriate for game days (not suits). I mean these guys even do beer! You can’t go wrong with that. Other apparel manufacturers include BizNasty’s own Sauce Hockey, or BarDown hockey.


These have become a big part of hockey players regimen over the years and there is growing list of supplements out there. For players, BioSteel High performance sports drink should be in Santa’s sack.  The BioSteel has been designed to give you energy (without caffeine) throughout a workout or a game. For workout supplements, we have become huge fans of Muscle Pharm.

Movies and books:

The one documentary that should be in Santa’s sack is the Sel8nne documentary. However, as far as we are aware, the documentary is only available in the Finnish market (subtitles only in Swedish). In terms of books the one hockey book that should be included is the Bobby Orr autobiography, which will give hockey fans a great insight into the game during Orr’s career.

For the younger players, we would also recommend some books that detail hockey fitness programmes and how to train off ice. But remember, if you are a junior player looking to add some strength, please consult your GP/physician first to ensure it is safe for you to undertake a weight training regimen.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and take the time to thank those who support your hockey careers and make sure you spend as much time with them as possible this holiday, before you are back on the road again.

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