My game-day play list

Posted: March 10, 2016 in Uncategorized

I did a post like this a few years ago and it was quite well liked, so I thought that I’d revisit the topic and provide you with a new pre-game playlist. As a throwback, here’s what was on my pre-game playlist in 2011 and admittedly, it’s a bit bland and – to be crude about it – bit pansy. 
· P.O.D – Boom

· Pantera – 5 minutes alone

· The Killers – All the Things that I have done

· Eminem – Not Afraid

· Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400

· EndStand – I Promise Not to stay quiet

· InFlames – Dead Alone

· Alexisonfire – Young Cardinals

· CMX – Linnunrata

· My Chemical Romance – Na na na

· Bleeding Through – Self defeating Anthem

· Cold Play – Fix you.
If you want to read the reasoning why the above songs were on the list, you can see the 2011 post here:

The current playlist would scare the carp out of that list. I’m massively into hardcore, punk, metalcore or whatever you want to call it (and was back then already), so overtime, my list has gotten a bit heavier, but with a bit more meaning behind the choices.
· Deftones – Swerve City: The reason why I chose this track as an opener is the killer guitar riff at the start. It’s up-tempo and starts getting the body ready for action.

· Bring Me The Horizon – Throne: It’s not BMTH’s heaviest effort or the most ‘violent’, but the chorus of “You can throw me to the wolves, tomorrow I will come back leader of the whole pack” adequately describes my mentality. There’s no giving up.

· Miss May I – Hey Mister: It’s heavy and has an awesome riff. Similar to Deftones, it just gets everything going.

· AFI – TotalImmortal: It’s again a high energy track and one of my all time favourite AFI tracks. It was on a gym playlist to begin with, but it worked in the gym so I put it on the game-day one as well.

· Obey The Brave – I am Winter: Again, the lyrics and chorus are why this was put on the list. “No where to go but up from here…” is a powerful line.

· Eminem – Kings Never Die: When I heard this track on the movie Southpaw, it’s been a favourite for game days, mainly because of the lyrics are all about coming back and being stronger than your opponents.

· Iron Son – Unleash Hell: The song title says it all why it’s on the list and what you need to aim to do every shift.

· Comeback Kid – somewhere in this miserable: The opening line of “Trading back highs and lows, within the blink of an eye” pretty much sums up the game that hockey is. Also, the chorus of messed up, pissed off, build on it sends a strong mental message

· This is Hell – Disciples: One of my all time favourite tracks. Just high energy.

· Bleeding Through – Walking Dead: It’s quite a ferocious track plus the lyrics of “I will not leave you behind, but you’ve got to fight for your life” are powerful.

· Leo – Fatty Boom Boom (Die Antwoord cover): I like Die Antwoord’s version, but Leo – a crazy Norwegian dude who does a whole load of pop-to-metal covers – has really put a great spin on the track

· Lionheart – LHHC: It’s just fucking bad ass!

· The Ghost Inside – Wide Eyed: A song about facing up to adversity and overcoming every obstacle in your way

· Machine Head – Game Over

· Walls of Jericho – Revival Never Goes out of Style: “all this time, wishing our voices could be heard, now we finally have a voice and no-one says a fucking word. So let’s scream as loud as we can and make it fucking break and let nothing stand in our way!” says it all.

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