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Yes, I know, I went there. I used a line of a Mariah Carey song in my headline. But as Christmas is nearly upon us, I thought I’d post gift ideas for that special hockey player in your life. As hockey players we lead fairly busy lives and spend quite a bit of time on the road, I thought that I’d include things that are useful on the road to accommodate the hockey life and some equipment that would make any hockey player happy.

Techy stuff:

ImageFor those long bus trips they are essential. Good headphones (with some good music) will give you a chance to get into the frame of mind and give you a bit of ‘peace’ on the bus. My personal preference of head-phones are in-ear ones and if I could have my way, I’d go for something like the SkullCandy Heavy Metals.

Nike Fuelband: Not only does it look pretty nifty, it gives you insight Imageinto the calories burned and bunch of other cool info that could potentially help you get fitter, faster and stronger. Plus given that we all stuff our faces over Christmas period, it is a great gift that would be sure to motivate guys to get off the couch and get rid of the Christmas legs in next to no time. Aside from all the fitness info it gives you, it also acts as a pretty cool watch.  The Nike Fuelband is for sale at either or at Apple stores across the country.

I guess you could add a tablet device on that list if you are really that way inclined, but I wouldn’t take one on the road with me. Call me old school, but I’ve got my apps and music on my phone and I prefer to have a book in my hand.


There are a number of great books out there and if you haven’t already had your hands on the Theo Fleury, Playing with Fire autobiography, it should be a must. Additionally, this Imageyear, one of the NHL’s most colourful characters, Jeremy Roenick has published his autobiography and it has received rave reviews among the hockey world. Roenick, was outspoken during his career and carries on in the same fashion as a media pundit. The book will certainly provide some hilarious stories from his days in the show. You can buy the book at:

Additionally the autobiography of the late Bob Probert is something that should be found in Santa’s sack or under the Christmas tree:


One thing that caught my eye is the SherWood Nexon 12 Whiteout stick. A lot of stick manufacturers have started using white designs on their sticks. The Nexon 12 looks slick in white and it’s one of those presents that not only looks good but gives you great performance as well. You can buy the Nexon 12 Whiteout at:


The other thing you can’t go wrong with and you can never have enough of is sweats. For me personally, I’ve not found a better set of sweats than the Easton Eastech range. I’ve had some UnderArmour gear, Reebok and CCM, but the Easton Eastech just feels more comfortable and breathable than the others.

ImageImageThis time of year also sees a lot of deals on skates, so if you’re in the market for a new set, check out some deals going round. I’ve seen the CCM U+ CL skates (new) going for sub €300. I know as a kid Christmas was always the time to get some new wheels (mainly because my feet had grown out of the old pair).


ImageWe always need shower gels, deodorant and shampoo, so you can’t go wrong with this gift. The range I would recommend is a company called ManCave. The products in the range includes shower gel, moisturiser, face wash, deodorant and shampoo (full set would only cost you £31,93). All of ManCave’s products contain natural ingredients and the products are top notch. You can find ManCave products atSainsbury’s or you can order online at:


You can’t go wrong with some clothes from Gongshow Gear, Sauce Hockey or Bardown Hockey. Essential hockey lifestyle brands that any hockey players would love to have and wear all year long. The good guys at Gongshow have even come up with hockey jeans that have been designed to accommodate the “hockey ass” and “hockey thighs”.




Can we just have it back. PLEASE?!?!

I’m also putting together a part two, which is hockey community’s and players’ wishes. So if you want to put forward suggestions, leave a comment below


For more Christmas present ideas for hockey players, click on the image below


I have been trying out some more gear these past few months. Though this time it’s not the usual hockey gear related thing, it’s still something that us guys have to do on a regular basis and if you’re like me, it can be a bit of a pain at times. I’m talking about shaving. I’ve been testing products from Bulldog for the better part of a month and I have to admit that I’ve been pleasantly surprised.


The Bulldog website says, “There are hundreds of male grooming products out there, but for us they just weren’t cutting the mustard. All we wanted were natural products that got the job done hassle free,” and where I’m usually dubious of statements like this, on this one I have to agree. Bulldog might not be the first choice for many of us guys when it comes to shaving, after all Gillette has seemingly deep pockets when it comes to marketing, having hired likes of Tiger Woods and Roger Federer to act as its brand champions.


The products I’ve been testing include the Original Shave Gel, Original Moisturiser, and Original Face Wash and Face Scrub. There are different varieties of the products for different skin types available and you can see the entire range here:


When you look at the packaging of the product, Bulldog has gone with a tube packaging, which is quite slick compared to the other products on the market and they don’t take an disproportionate amount of space in your bathroom. Compared to some of the aerosol cans for shaving cream, the Bulldog packaging is easier to dispose of rather than having to ponder whether a metal canister should go in the recycling bin at home or if it would be best to drive it to your local dump, or Household Recycling Centre at these politically correct time.

Bulldog products come neatly packaged, which matches the brand identity


So how does all of this relate to hockey? Well if you’re like me who has a relatively sensitive skin, it is more susceptible to drying or getting irritated by the constant changes of temperature between being on the ice and being in the changing room and you might have suffered from your face getting dry and the skin just feeling uncomfortable.


I’ll start off from the face wash products of Original Face Wash and Original Face Scrub:


I’ve not used a face scrub before so this was a new one to me. Like all Bulldog products, the face scrub contains no parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources, so it is perfectly safe to use by vegetarians as well. (I only wish I’d heard of these guys when I was still a vegetarian).


To be honest, It took me a while to get used to the face scrub as it was a wholly new experience for me and I used it somewhat begrudgingly. This again could be that my skin type is not suited for such a product as the scrub did irritate my skin a little bit during the use, but I did get used to it and actually grew quite fond of it. My early reticence to the product could be just because of my skin type or that I am talking non-sense given that I have had no previous experience of using facial scrubs.


The face wash itself though is offers good proposition, it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed, compared to the use against some of the spot treatment ointments I’ve had the pleasure of using during my life time.

However, where the Bulldog face wash may not be in direct competition with face washes that deal with acne or teenage problem skin, it does contain gentle and effective natural surfactants that are better alternatives to skin irritants such as SLS. Because of this, the face wash doesn’t cause any irritation or leave your skin feeling greasy as opposed to some of the other face washes out there.

Even if the face wash doesn’t really fight spots, I would still recommend you give it a go. It does leave the skin feeling new.


The two big things for me were the shaving gel and the moisturiser.


The shaving gel is simply awesome. Compared to the market leading products it is really easy to use and makes shaving so much easier. The big thing that always annoyed me with shaving was that no matter how little you squeezed out of a Gillette can you always end up with heaps of shaving cream and you resemble Santa Claus more than anything else. But with Bulldog you get a smooth layer of gel spread across your face, which in my opinion helps giving you a close shave as you don’t have to run your razor through a thick layer of gel. Sure you might need to water up your face before rubbing the gel in, but trust me it is worth it.


Shaving wise, I’ve noticed that it gives you a much closer shave than other products, even if using a duller razor. So I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Additionally as it contains only natural ingredients it is easy on the skin which in my case is a big thing. I also did a test to see how well it copes with a bit longer growth, in case there’s a long spring in hockey with play-offs and what not. At first I had to do a bit of guess work on the amount of gel I should use, but it really was an easy shave.


I also tested the shave gel with different type razors including the Gillette Fusion and with a disposable BIC one. I have to say that there was hardly any tug and pull that I felt on any of the razors, which gives the Bulldog shaving gel a massive tick in the box for comfort. The other big plus for the Bulldog shave gel is that it leaves the skin feeling really soft and refreshed, that you would normally only get with using an aftershave. In my mind, the Bulldog shave gel is the way forward.

However, the true standout for me was the moisturiser. Having dabbled with moisturisers from the leading brands like Nivea and so on, the Bulldog one was really a breath of fresh air. The moisturiser absorbs quicker than the so called house hold names and really helps keep the skin as it should be, without any drying, which will be a big help for any of those that have a sensitive skin and suffer from it during the winter months.


The good thing about the moisturiser, like most Bulldog products, is that you don’t need a huge amount to ensure you get the most out of it. With the moisturiser I used an amount that covered the tip of my index finger and it was sufficient to cover my face, without having to spend an age rubbing it in and waiting for it to absorb. As you can see from the picture below, it has become my best friend in the locker room.

Bulldog Natural Moisturiser protects the skin from the elements in the changing conditions seen in hockey


I noticed one common denominator with the Bulldog products. I have been testing the Original range and it really feels like the sensitive range from the leading companies in the market. Again a big plus.


However, if I had to find something wrong with the products, it would be the smell. I personally did not have a problem with the smell of the products but it might not be to everyone’s taste as I learnt. Though the good thing is that the products do not use anything artificial, I’m more than happy to over look that fact. If your partner has a sensitive nose, you might get comments relating to the smell. But then again, your face does feel pretty awesome after using Bulldog so it’s only a very, very small minus.


Overall, Bulldog offers a good alternative to the household names in shaving and male grooming products. The products are ideally priced as well, so the switch won’t break the bank either. I would definitely recommend that you give Bulldog a try and make it your new best friend.


You can find Bulldog in most retail outlets, though if your local retailer doesn’t carry the products, I’d write to them and demand they stock it. If that doesn’t work, you can also shop online at: For those outside the UK, make sure you select the country to be directed to the appropriate store.


So all in all the grades for the products are:

Original Face Scrub: 3/5

Original Face Wash: 4/5

Original Shave Gel: 5/5

Original Moisturiser: 5/5